Aims and Objects

As a voluntary non-profit, non-commercial organisation, the aims and objects of the Association are:

To promote the science, knowledge, construction and demonstration of engineering miniatures, including but without being limited hereof to miniatures of locomotive engines, steam powered road vehicles, watercraft and stationary plant through its affiliated organisations;

To promote the science and art of miniature engineering and engineering generally and of its allied sciences by experimentation and development of drive systems, pressure vessels and other ancillaries required to complete efficient working miniatures of the past and future possibilities.

To encourage affiliated organisations to arrange lectures, discussions, demonstrations and exhibitions of matters and things of engineering interest, and to arrange trials and competitions, film displays and visits to places of engineering interest.

To encourage affiliated organisations to promote interest in education of the general public and especially the younger generation in relation to our industrial heritage through examples of miniatures from a bygone era.

To foster the preparation and issue of recommendations for national standards relating to those aspects of the hobby of model engineering and miniature live construction to ensure the best interchange of operations between organisations.

To formulate, prepare and issue safe working codes for non-commercial miniature railways and live steam operations as directed by the AGM for supervision by respective organisations.

To assist in discussions with government departments on matters relating to the interests of affiliated organisations.

To ascertain and recommend adequate levels of insurance coverage for organisations. Pursue government control of the limitation of damage payments awarded.

AALS Ltd Constitution

AALS Ltd Standing Orders