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News Page Updated (Nov 2019) - Draft Outcomes from the ALSSC Consultation Process

News Page Updated (Aug 2019) - 2019-20 - Safety Committee Consultation Process

Conventions and awards Pages Updated (Aug 2019)

Resources Page Updated (July 2019) - AALS-standing-orders 2019

News Page Updated (July 2019) - 190605 AALS cop for interoperability safety

News Page Updated (July 2019) - 190611 ALSSC guideline note braking

News Page Updated (July 2019) - 190704 AALS junior-member guidelines for driving 2030719_v2

News Page Updated (March 2019) - 181123 draft code section 4

News Page Updated (March 2019) - ALSSC braking explanatory-note

News Page Updated (March 2019) - ALSSC guideline competency

News Page Updated (March 2019) - ALSSC guideline braking

Final Gas Firing for Small Models and Training CoP also now available in the 'Resources' tab.

The Australian Association of Live Steamers Ltd (AALS) is an organisation of societies, involved in the operation of live steam and miniature railways (up to 8 inch gauge) throughout Australia, and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. 

The Association is affiliated with the Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies in the UK, and the Model Engineering Associations of New Zealand (MEANZ).

The Association operates with a National Executive, State Representatives, and an Executive Committee for each of the committees, the Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee (AMBSC) and the Australian Live Steamers Safety Committee (ALSSC).

The Association compiles Codes of Practice for Operation of miniature railways, Interoperability and Standards, a code for Training, and a code for Gas Firing of AMBSC boilers; and the AMBSC produces boiler codes for copper boilers (Part 1),  steel boilers (Part 2), sub-miniature boilers (Part 3), and duplex steel boilers (Part 4).

Societies affiliated with AALS subscribe to the Codes of Practice and operate under the Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee (AMBSC) Boiler Codes.

Policy of the Association and content of the codes is decided on by the affiliated societies.

Each year the Association, through a host Society, holds a national convention for live steamers. The convention is held at Easter in a different State each year, and attracts large numbers of enthusiasts and locomotives.  The Annual General Meetings of the AALS and it's committees are conducted during the convention.

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