Australian Live Steam Standards

         Couplings & Drawgear & Track & Wheel Standards - these are contained within the Code of Practice document.
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         AMBSC Boiler Code Part 1 - Copper Boilers (Index Only)

         AMBSC Boiler Code Part 2 - Steel Boilers (Index Only)

         AMBSC Boiler Code Part 3 - Sub-miniature Boilers (Index Only)

         AMBSC Boiler Code Part 4 Duplex Steel Boilers (Index Only)

UK Health & Safety Executive - Draft for consultation.

         Model Engineering: Guidance on safe operation of miniature railways and model traction engines

Australian Work, Health and Safety Legislation

         NSW Work, Health & Safety Act 2011: Regulations 2011

         Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004. 2004; Regulations 2007;
Victorian Legislation in General. There are large number of Regulations regarding O,H & S.;

         Western Australia Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984; Regulations 1996

         South Australia Work Health & Safety Act 2012; Regulations 2012

         Tasmanian Workplace Health and Safety Act 2012 (incl. Regulations)

         Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011 & Regulations 2011

         Australian Capital Territory Occupational Health and Safety Act 2011; Regulations

WorkSafe Australia information on Volunteers and Volunteer Associations and the new Work Health and Safety Legislation.

WorkCover NSW

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Prohibited Employment

         Working with Children (NSW)

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