Overview of Voting and Conduct of Annual General Meetings

The arrangements for the conduct of business by AALS is set out in the constitution and standing orders. Copies of these documents are available from the Resources page.

The AALS is an Association of Societies-it has no individuals as members. Any motions or voting should represent the position of the Society.

The following summarises the basic process:

Cutoff Date for Agenda Items.

The AGM is held on the Saturday night at the annual Easter convention. AALS meetings are run strictly in accordance with the issued agenda. For any item to be discussed or voted upon a formal letter on the matter including the proposed motion, must be recieved by the Secretary prior to the cutoff date (usually 31 December). This date is set because of the need to then produce agenda papers and voting forms and send out to affiliated societies with sufficicient minimum time (as set out in the constitution and standing orders) for the societies to properly consider the matters and either submit their votes by proxy prior to the meeting or be prepared to vote at the meeting depending on the voting method to be employed. If necessary, the matter can be circularised earlier in order to stimulate discussion, and obtain feedback before a formal motion is presented. If this is intended, please contact the Secretary to confirm appropriate arrangements.

Any motion submitted should be accompanied by a supporting argument to assist societies in understanding the background to the matter in determination of their vote.

Once submitted, the motion cannot be amended, as this could result in confusion, and reduced time for Societies to consider the matter. It may however be withdrawn and resubmitted for the next convenient voting arrangement.


AGM Voting has the matter presented at the AGM itself. It still must be an agenda item and Societies must come prepared with some consideration of their position and whether the representative has any licence to determine that societies vote on the night after listening to any discussion on the matter. Societies who are not directly represented at the meeting may submit a proxy nominating their representative and any direction on how to vote. The use of proxys has, in the past resulted in significant confusion with multiple conflicting proxys being received and significant meeting time being wasted while these issues are resolved. Please pay special attention to correctly completing and submitting the forms. However the use of proxys is encouraged as it provides the means for clubs to decide the issues and make their vote beforehand, thereby facilitating the meeting. A large number of items to be discussed at the meeting can extend the meeting times beyond what is reasonable.

Declaration of theVote.

Voting results are declared at the meeting when that particular agenda item is reached. Any voting by undirected proxies at the meeting are combined with directed proxies received by the Secretary prior to the advertised cut-off and declared during the dealing with that agenda item.

General Considerations.

Please discuss with the Secretary if the matter is such that a group discussion would be useful, as it is suggested that it be listed as a discussion item on the agenda. Motions cannot be amended, as this would alter the proposal considered by the societies. However they can be withdrawn. The only motions that can be accepted from the floor of the meeting are for procedural matters concerning the conduct of the meeting. (e.g. that the agenda items be dealt with in a different order.)

Most importantly-the item MUST be on the agenda for discussion at the meeting. Please ensure these matters are submitted before the closing date!

The above information has been produced by Warwick Allison as a general overview. Please consult the constitution and standing orders for the full details.

This page created 28 April, 2004,
Amended 25 April, 2011.